The “Butterfly” sensory deprivation tank takes its name from the symbol par excellence of lightness. This system exploits the primordial principle of floating to bring the mind and body to deep relaxation. Supported solely by the water, the body lets go and in this way, instinctively achieves the relaxation of the muscles and the relaxation of the spinal column which, in this condition, finds itself, therefore, no longer compressed by the “weight” of gravity itself.

Everything is helped by an open audio system or via headphones, which makes it possible to listen to music based on the type of preset treatment, or via a manual program where it is possible to choose the desired song from over 7 hours of music. An aroma diffusion system also helps even more in achieving a state of deep relaxation, as the customer has the opportunity to choose between 3 different essential oil fragrances. The notable relaxation thus obtained can also be a source of help for those who suffer from hypertension or sleep disorders.

Wellness treatment program

N° 5 programs, with treatment duration from 10 to 90 minutes, can be chosen by the customer or recommended by the staff according to needs. These 5 programs are:

ENERGY, depicted on the monitor as VOLCANO


HARMONIZING, depicted by the STREAM

RELAXING, depicted by the WATER LIFE

MEDITATIVE, depicted by the SKY, with the possibility of having an AUTOGENOUS TRAINING of INDUCED RELAXATION (guiding voice).

It is possible to create a path suited to needs by making work sheets for each customer, thus creating an archive located on the PC located in the welcome point, the reception, of the beauty, wellness or SPA centre.

This archive is accessible only by designated personnel. Via a link
WI-FI between the “BUTTERFLY” tub and the reception, the equipment is programmed in advance, so as to follow the program established by the customer, and updating the program itself from time to time.

In addition to being able to benefit from all the effects described even when dressed, the “Butterfly” bathtub certainly expresses the maximum of its potential when placed inside a wellness, beauty or SPA center to then be offered by undressed in combination to any compress (oil, mud, creams). The condition of total relaxation combined with the warmth of the water will favor an absorption of the active ingredients of the chosen product that is decidedly more effective than more traditional installation treatments. The user operating in the sector can therefore make the most of the versatility of this machine by proposing it both as an “additional” service, unique in its kind when, for example, the guest is waiting for a treatment, and undressed to match the installation treatment.

Features BUTTERFLY program for Windows PC:

  • Design and development of a database resident on the Windows PC (typically MySql).
  • Design of a communication protocol between PC and tank via LAN (TCP/IP).
  • Viewing treatment history client by client with information on: start date/time, type of treatment and treatment parameters.
  • Display of the machine BUSY status if there is already a treatment in progress.
  • Section for setting the connection parameters to the tank (I.P. – Access door).
  • Viewing section of the machine’s counters (like those on the display).
  • The software will come with an installer for Windows OS, and database installation support.
  • Development of a graphical interface for personalizing preferences for each customer with the following settable parameters:
  1. Entering/modifying customer details: name, surname.
  2. Program type preference (volcano images, waterfall, etc…).
  3. Cervical adjustment preference.
  4. Preference for presence/off of water jets (cervical, buttocks, …).
  5. Preference for treatment duration in minutes.
  6. Aroma type preference.
  7. Music preference (mute, headphones, speakers).
  8. Initial volume level preference (if different from “mute”).
  9. RGB lights preference (off or programmed).
  10. Language or music preference (if the “CIELO” program is selected).
  11. Desired water temperature from 25 to 41°C.