Relaxation of the spinal column provides immediate relief from the small back problems that we all suffer from in our daily lives.

This benefit, although deriving from the simple and pure condition of suspension in water, is further amplified by the presence of delicate jets placed right under all the parts of the body most stressed and most exposed to continuous efforts, unblocking or certainly helping the relaxation of this part of contracted muscles.

Depending on the model, the “Butterfly” tub can be equipped with one or more water jets which treat precisely those muscle groups which, for various reasons, need it most.

Among the most stressed is certainly always the spine which is already helped by floating, with the support of a delicate jet that massages the lumbar fascia, and stimulates the lymphatic system, favoring the drainage of liquids.
– In addition to this delicate water movement, we have others that massage the neck muscles and the cervical area, this with the possibility of regulating the intensity of the flow according to needs, buttocks and thighs area to tone and relax the muscles , and plantar massaging the sole of the foot.

These water movements can be useful, for example for water retention, muscle cool-down through the simplest need to relax the muscles, before a massage, thus helping the masseur who finds himself with relaxed muscles, managing in short time to loosen tense or contracted muscle groups even in depth.