About us

Made in Italy


Welcome to the world of BFM, the cutting-edge Italian company in the production of dry flotation tanks for relaxation. Our passion for innovation, elegant design and well-being is the engine that drives us in the creation of the exceptional “Butterfly” hot tubs.

Our history
Founded in the heart of Italy, BFM has deep roots in the wellness sector. Since our founding, we have dedicated our commitment to a single goal: to offer an extraordinary relaxation experience through the union of cutting-edge technology and high-quality Italian craftsmanship.

Our Mission
BFM’s mission is simple but ambitious: to improve people’s quality of life through the healing power of water. Our “Butterfly” therapeutic hot tubs have been designed with care and attention to create a sanctuary of relaxation and therapy within your personal space. Every detail has been designed to offer a regenerating experience that contributes to physical and mental well-being.

Our philosophy
BFM’s philosophy is rooted in the principles of innovation, excellence and sustainability. We have invested years of research and development to perfect our range of ‘Butterfly’ hot tubs, combining traditional Italian craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies. Each tub is made with high quality materials, ensuring durability, comfort and respect for the environment.

Italian Design
Beauty is at the heart of everything we do. “Butterfly” hot tubs are the perfect expression of Italian aesthetics, with flowing lines, refined details and a harmonious fusion of form and function. Each tub is customizable and integrates harmoniously into your environment, transforming it into a space of relaxation and tranquility.

Guest satisfaction
The satisfaction of our customers is our greatest reward. We are dedicated to exceeding expectations through product excellence, attentive customer service and an unmatched passion for wellness. Every time you enter a “Butterfly” relaxation dry flotation tank, we want you to feel the well-being and benefits it offers.